Aluminium Chloride

Anhydrous aluminium chloride is a versatile chemical catalyst which is predominantly used in Friedel-Crafts reactions. In the production of dyes and varnishes it is also favored as an auxiliary.

Its high reactivity on the other hand makes aluminium chloride a very delicate compound to handle. Even brief exposure to air leads to compromised product quality.

Years of experience with aluminium chloride make us one of the destinguished suppliers to guarantee constant, high product quality. In a specifically for aluminium chloride designed refilling and repacking facility, contaminations can be precluded and quality can be controlled.

Distribution for BASF SE

On July, 1st 2008 a business partnership with BASF SE was established for the distribution of anhydrous aluminium chloride delivered in drums. This twinning guarantees an improved supply service with the high and consistent BASF product and packaging quality.

Product description

Pale yellow to grey crystalline substance. Very hygroscopic. Formation of hydrochloric acid gas already in moderately damp environments (e.g. air moisture).