Corporate Philosophy

IMG_2741Our Mission

As a medium size, family-owned enterprise in the chemical industry we strive to create advantages for our clients through customer-specific, individual solutions in the distribution of chemicals.

Reliability and flexibility, but also safety, preservation of health and environmental sustainability constitute our basic principles. Only by adhering to them we promise ourselves long-term success – economically as well as socially.

Core Competencies

Chemical raw materials and intermediates are often classified as hazardous substances with a demand for skillful and knowledgable handling services. We gladly accept this challenge and through competent and intelligent solutions we guarantee a safe and reliable high quality distribution of chemical substances.

Our team consists of ambitioned and creative men and women, who in collaboration with our customers try to work out novell concepts and break new ground. Through our internationality and our strong bond to our manufacturing partners in China and on Taiwan we are able to offer individualized solutions in many parts of the world.

Leading Through Quality And Innovation

We are aware of the challenges in the modern chemical industry. With creative and innovative ideas we convey the changes brought about by scientific and societal progress, by new legal regulations and the globalization and pointedly support this development. Therefore, we predominantly promote products with a good potential for the future and we support procedures and techniques which prove to be harmless to nature and environment.

The quality of our products and services is assured by the continuous improvement of the qualifications and expertise of our staff and the use of modern technical equipment.

Preservation Of The Environment And Health

The trading and processing of chemical substances can only be approved of if the preservation of the environment and health is ensured. In order to fulfill this responsibility the disposition, storage and processing of our products is conducted on the statutory basis after the EN ISO 14001:2004 + COR. 1:2009 standards including the major issues work safety and health care.