Flavors & Fragrances

Without our senses there is no perception, without perception there is no awareness. We live through our sensations.

Humans can discern about 10,000 different scents and more than 100,000 flavors. From obtrusively to subconsciously they warn and guide us, enfold our memories and are neurologically linked to our emotions.

This extraordinary property renders flavors and fragrances the ideal vessel of characteristic features for the consumables industry. Isolated or synthetically manufactured flavors and fragrances can be added to any freely chosen product. This way, cherries find their way into jelly beans and jasmin into perfume. They become tasteful, fragrant memories which deeply influence our feelings – and thereover our buying behavior.

Your clients’ success in competing for their customers’ business is decided by the composition and quality of each individual constituent. We respect this responsibility and guarantee the exceptional purity of our products. Perfume or ice cream, we provide our service so your scent and your newly created flavor will make a breakthrough.