Integrated Management System


Our integrated management system comprises methods and instruments to meet requirements and expand possibilities in various areas: quality assurance, environmental protection, work safety and health care are combined in a coherent structure.

Quality Management

Quality and its protection have long become one of the central tasks of future-oriented companies. The quality management after DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. adresses this particular aspect and forms our basis for trusted and long-lasting relations with all of our partners (clients, co-workers, business partners, suppliers, etc.).

As a respectively certified company we continuously review our organisational structures and provisions with the objective of enhancement and optimization. The regulation of operations not only warrents the safety of employees and equipment alike, it also guarantees the consistent, high quality of our products and services.

In addition, the designated distribution of functions and responsibilities leads to an unhampered flow of information at internal and external interfaces and to a reduction of possible error sources. Moreover, the documentation of single working steps enables the gapless tracing of many processes.

Environment Management

The protection and preservation of nature and the environment are among the key challenges of society in the 21st century. It demands the commitment and contribution of everyone for in order to realize a conscietious and ecologically sustainable policy for the environment.

In the scope of our environment management system after DIN EN ISO 14001. we take numerous measures for the protection and preservation of a natural basis for the life of all species and a proper ecological balance. The reasonable handling of chemicals is a matter of course to us as is the use of a resource-saving, on ecological sustainability based management system.

Through the utilization of, for instance, special exhaust-air filters unnecessary air pollution can be avoided; through appropriate storage, sealings and collecting tanks soil can be preserved; and throught individual disposal and the use of recyclable materials the amount of waste can be reduced.

Work Safety And Health Care

Our integrated management system does not only benefit nature and the environment, but also the people – in particular our staff: the strict controls and restrictions brought about by quality control and environmental protection concomitantly lead to excellent safety at the work place.

Additionally, we entertain a health care program for all of our employees – from warehouse personnel to management. Regular health checks to prevent occupational illnesses and the availability of various treatments are the mark of this program.


Please click here, to download DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Please click here, to download EN ISO 14001:2004 + COR. 1:2009.