Responsible Care

Responsible Care is the global chemical industry’s environmental, health and safety (EHS) initiative to drive continuous improvement in performance. It achieves this objective by meeting and going beyond legislative and regulatory compliance, and by adopting cooperative and voluntary initiatives with government and other stakeholders. Responsible Care is both an ethic and a commitment that seeks to build confidence and trust in an industry that is essential to improving living standards and the quality of life.

This unique initiative of an entire industry was launched in Canada in 1985 and is now run under the auspices of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA). In Europe, it is coordinated by the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC). Germany has had a Responsible Care program since 1991. The program is managed by the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI). Jobachem GmbH, as member of the German Chemical Traders Association (VCH), is integrated in the Responsible Care program based on a partnership agreement.

Responsible Care lays down guidelines and structures for environmentally relevant and future-safe practices in six areas:

  • Product responsibility
  • Plant safety
  • Occupational safety and  health
  • Comprehensive environmental protection (air, water, soil, raw materials, waste)
  • Transport safety
  • Dissemination of information to the public

In the Responsible Care program, participating companies must draw up an annual status report on the environmentally relevant data – the so-called “indices of performance” – and make a commitment to the continuous improvement of these indices. A monitoring is carried out by regular audits and reviews of independent third parties.

Jobachem GmbH is fully conscious of this commitment, because we want to work continuously on improving our own processes and services in terms of environmental and climate protection, health, safety and quality. This is something we will continue to work on: each and every day!


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