Value Added Services

To our producing and trading clients we offer various services in the area of product preparation and product conditioning. These include the following:

    • Refilling and repacking of solid and liquid products
    • Melting of solids
    • Preparation of solutions and mixtures
    • Large Stock allows flexible handling of products
    • Confidential Recipes
    • Custom Clearance
    • Over Night Service


Producing solutions and mixtures

We gladly accept the responsibility to prepare mixtures and solutions for you.

For many years, Jobachem GmbH is known as a reliable supplier and service provider.  We supply our products to renowned companies in various industries throughout the world. Solutions an mixtures can be produced according to your own recipes  or  will be developed to your specifications. In both cases we guarantee confidential treatment of your provided information.

Furthermore, we are able to recommend all products in our large stock . Thus we can offer short delivery times and supply chain security.

Especially for hazardous substances we are optimally equipped with ventilation and vacuum systems. Our in-house laboratory naturally probes the quality and purity of the final mixture before the product will be shipped out to you or directly to your customer.

Refillings and Repackings

Gladly we accept consignments from you or bound for you in order to refill the product into specific receptacles of your desire. The use of containers which fit your application may notably reduce time-consuming preparatory tasks for productions. Trading companies obtain the oportunity to better adapt to customer wishes. Particularly with regard to difficult products this oftentimes brings about the decisive advantage in the market.

In order to be able to guarantee the unaffectedness of your products’ quality all repacking and refilling works are conducted using appropriate technical equipment. By default we can offer you repackings and refillings between the following receptacles:

    • Cardboard boxes
    • Canisters
    • Drums
    • IBCs
    • Big-Bags
    • Tote Bins
    • ISO-Tanks
    • Road tank truck


Heating and Melting

The use of steam heatable tanks allows us to melt solids and thus prepare certain products directly for your production. Over long distances we are able prevent the product from hardening or crystallizing by utilizing trace heatings. Thus distantly located sites will conveniently receive their products in a custom-made state.