Regulatory Affairs

In order to keep humans and the environment safe handling and trading chemicals is strictly regulated.

This is especially true for dangerous goods and/or substances used in sensitive areas such as food, cosmetics or toys. Since the legal circumstances change continuously Jobachem GmbH has a special department that follows those changes and guarantees the continuous compliance with all legal guidelines through seasonable measures.

Regulatory Affairs


On June 1st 2007 the EU-regulation 1907/2006 for registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH) came into effect. With this a new course for the risk assessment of chemicals and the communication of dangers and risks in the supply chain is set.

For producers and importers of chemical substances new duties and responsibilities arise with the introduction of REACH. Particularly the attestation of the risk-free product application becomes the producers’ and importers’ responsibility.

As importer of chemical substances Jobachem GmbH obliged to register all products with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Only products that have gone through this registration process may still be produced inside or imported to the EU. Our product portfolio therefore only contains products that have been registered successfully.

We are happy to answer any further questions regarding REACH.


Important substance data are compiled in the material safety data sheet which is regularly updated. Of course, upon request, we provide our customers with the MSDS.

MSDS inquiry contact

Emergency Information

According to the so-called Seveso III directive Jobachem GmbH is obliged to thoroughly inform the public about the risks associated with the storage and production of chemicals as well as the according emergency measures planned by the company and city of Dassel.

For this purpose a brochure has been distributed to all households in Dassel. This serves the citizens as a practical guide at incidents and is intended to ensure the highest possible security.

Emergency Information for local residents

Integrated Management System

Our integrated management system contains methods and instruments for the compliance with requirements and for the development of possibilities within different areas: quality assurance, environmental und work safety as well as preventive health care. They are combined into a coherent structure.

Quality management

Quality management after DIN EN ISO 9001 is the foundation for trustful and durable relationships with all our partners (customers, staff, business partners, suppliers, etc.).

As a certified company we continuously reassess our organizational structures and provisions with the objective of enhancement and optimization. Regulated processes not only guarantee for the safety of our staff and equipment alike they also ensure the constantly high quality of our products and services. Additionally the quality of our products is regularly monitored through trial product samples by our in-house analytics laboratory or in cooperation with off-site laboratories.

In addition the designated distribution of functions and responsibilities leads to a smooth stream of information at internal and external interfaces and therefore to the minimization of possible sources of error. The documentation of each single work step also allows for the gapless tracing of many processes.

DIN EN ISO 9001 download

Environment Management

The protection and preservation of nature and the environment are among the key challenges of society in the 21st century. It demands the commitment and contribution of everyone for in order to realize a conscientious and ecologically sustainable policy for the environment.

In the scope of our environment management system after DIN EN ISO 14001 we take numerous measures for the protection and preservation of a natural basis for the life of all species and a proper ecological balance.

The reasonable handling of chemicals is a matter of course to us as is the use of a management system based on resource-saving and ecological sustainability.

DIN EN ISO 14001 download

Work Safety And Health Care

Our integrated management system does not only benefit nature and the environment, but also the people – in particular our staff: the strict controls and restrictions brought about by quality control and environmental protection concomitantly lead to excellent safety at the work place.

Additionally, we entertain a health care program for all of our employees – from warehouse personnel to management. Regular health checks to prevent occupational illnesses and the availability of various treatments are the mark of this program.


In the knowledge of our entrepreneurial corporate social responsibility and with a sense for sustainability we regularly take part in an assessment through neutral expert personnel of the platform EcoVadis in order to verify our achievements to date and continuously enhance them according to this evaluation.

Thereby the analysts consider the company goals and principles, the established work procedures and business practices as well as the implementation of the sustainability concept with the acquisition and definition of social and environmental standards.

In this year’s analysis Jobachem GmbH reached 56 out of 100 points and hence ranks amongst the top 6 % of all participating companies. For this achievement our company was presented with a silver medal.

Code of Conduct

Moral and ethical values are the base of our actions. We expect our business partners to respect and abide by the same philosophy. With this, corruption, exploitation and unfair competition do not stand a chance. Our standards, which partly exceed statutory provisions, have been defined in a general code of conduct that is not only directed at us but also at our suppliers. The aim of this code is to support our suppliers with the improvement of their social and environmental standards. That way we bear our social responsibility.

Code of Conduct

UN Global Compact

Since 2020 Jobachem GmbH has been committed to the United Nations Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and supports its principles to assure human rights, fight forced and child labor, develop environmentally friendly technology, and engage in anti-corruption.