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Today heat transfer liquids play an important role in nearly all producing industries and their requirements in quality and specific characteristics increase constantly. It is therefore extremely important to have a reliable supplier as a partner that supports you and meets your requirements. Jobachem GmbH´s strength is to act flexible towards new requirements and to offer you tailored solutions.

Our current product line contains four different synthetic heat transfer liquids.

Jobatherm I

Its field of application is liquid phase between 12°C and 400°C respectively vapor phase between 257°C and 400°C. The eutectic intermixture of diphenyl ether and diphenyl not only provides an outstanding thermal stability it also has a low viscosity and only crystallizes at a temperature lower than 12°C. The maximum film temperature is 426°C.

Jobatherm 23

Jobatherm 23 can be used in liquid phase between 3°C and 330°C. Vapor phase operation is possible from 243°C at atmospheric pressure up to 330°C at a vapor pressure of about 7 bar. The maximum film temperature is 357°C.

Jobatherm 43

Jobatherm 43 can be used in liquid phase between -73°C and 315°C and in vapor phase between 181°C and 315°C. The maximum film temperature is 340°C. Through its broad temperature spectrum Jobatherm 43 is suited for heating as well as cooling processes and thereby offers outstanding viscosity. Furthermore it has excellent pumpability even at -73°C.

Trading names

Currently there are about 70 different heat transfer liquids at the market. For a better overview we have listed the trading names of products with comparable qualities and characteristics in the following table.

Jobatherm ITherminol VP-1Dowtherm ADiphyl
Jobatherm 23Therminol VP-3
Jobatherm 43Therminol LTDowtherm JMarlotherm X
Jobatherm I
Jobatherm 23827-52-1212-572-0
Jobatherm 43
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