Finishing & Tempering

Gladly we accept consignments from you or bound for you in order to refill the product into your individual packaging. This saves time in preparing your production or gives you better adaption possibilities to your customers’ needs. Particularly with regard to difficult products this oftentimes brings about the decisive advantage in the market.

In order to guarantee the unconditional quality of your products all refilling and repackaging is conducted using suitable technical equipment:

Finishing of liquids

Canisters, IBCs, drums, iso tanks

Finishing of solids

Bags, BigBags, bulk containers, cartons, fibre drums, iso tanks

Special finishing

Refilling under inert gas, breaking of non-flowable solids, refilling under housing suction with attached gas scrubber


Discharge of old containers with new finishing, disposal of old containers

Fusing and tempering

Thanks to heatable tanks and storage areas we are able to temper products to your needs and thereby directly prepare them for your production. Through our special equipment we can easily deliver melted material even to customers that are distantly located.

We offer the following possibilities:
  • Heatable iso tank containers (steam heating up to 120°C)
  • Heatable IBCc (electronic heating up to 70°C)
  • Heatable IBCs (steam heating up to 120°C)
  • Heatable storage area (up to 30°C)
  • Heated containers (up to 70°C)
Aufschmelzen und Temperieren