Anhydrous aluminum chloride is a versatile chemical catalyst that is predominantly used in Friedel-Crafts-reactions. It is also used as excipient for the production of paints and varnishes.

Aluminum Chloride
Chemical formula:AlCl3
CAS no.:7446-70-0
EINECS no.:231-208-1
Form of delivery:ground or screened
Packaging:Steel drums: standard sizes 230 kg or 250 kg and 50 kg net weight.
BigBags: standard sizes 1000 kg or 1050 kg net weight.
Bulk containers: upon consultation.
Storage:dry and cool areas
Aluminum Chloride, Ground (Powder)7446-70-0231-208-1
Aluminum Chloride, Screened (Granular)7446-70-0231-208-1

Its high reactivity makes handling aluminum chloride a difficult task. Even brief exposure to air leads to compromised product quality.

Through longstanding experience in handling aluminum chloride we can guarantee a constant, high product quality. We use a filling system which was specifically designed for refilling and repackaging aluminum chloride so we can eliminate product contamination and guarantee high product quality.

Distribution for BASF SE

On July 1st 2008 a business partnership with BASF SE was established for the distribution of anhydrous aluminum chloride delivered in drums. This partnership guarantees an improved delivery service with the usual high product and packaging quality.

Product description

Pale yellow to grey crystalline substance. Extremely hygroscopic. Formation of hydrochloric acid gas even in slightly humid conditions (e.g. air moisture).

Contact for Aluminum Chlorides

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