Without our senses there is no perception, without perception there is no awareness. We live through our sensations.

Benzophenone, cryst.119-61-9204-337-6
Nerolin Yara Yara, 2-Methoxy naphthalene93-04-9202-213-6
Nerolin Bromelia93-18-5202-226-7
Camphor DAB 676-22-2200-945-0
Camphor mixtures
Ethyl heptanoate106-30-9203-382-9
Cinnamic alcohol104-54-1203-212-3
Cinnamic aldehyde104-55-2203-213-9
Methyl cinnamate103-26-4203-093-8
Diphenyl ether101-84-8202-981-2
Ethyl formate109-94-4203-721-0
Phenylacetic acid103-82-2203-148-6
Thymol, cryst.89-83-8201-944-8
Isobornyl acetate125-12-2204-727-6
Benzyl alcohol100-51-6202-859-9
Methyl salicylate119-36-8204-317-7
Phenethyl alcohol60-12-8200-456-2

Humans can differentiate between about 10,000 scents and more than 100,000 flavors. From obtrusive to subconscious they warn and guide us, enfold our memories and are neurologically linked to our emotions.

This exceptional property renders flavors and fragrances the ideal vessel of characteristic features for the consumer industry. Isolated or synthetically manufactured flavors and fragrances can be added to any product. This is how cherries find their way into gummi bears or how jasmine is added to deodorant. They become tasteful, fragrant memories and strongly influence our feelings – and with them even our buying decision.

Your clients’ success in competing for their customers’ business is decided by the composition of each individual constituent. We respect this responsibility and guarantee exceptional purity. Perfume or soft drink: we do our bit so that your scent creation or your newly created flavor will succeed.

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