Bernd Lange visits Jobachem

The election of the new European Parliament is due on June 9, and we had the honor of receiving a visit from Bernd Lange, MEP for the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, as part of the election campaign.

Mr. Lange, Chairman of the Trade Committee in the European Parliament, showed great interest in the challenges Jobachem faces as a medium-sized company. Our Managing Director Julian Kahl first presented an overview of our company and our subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the USA and mainland China.

A key concern of our management was to emphasize the need to adapt the supply chain law. This law carries the risk of mutating into a “bureaucracy monster” and thus disclosing internal company information, which could ultimately lead to a loss of business.

We also discussed the topic of PFAS and the comprehensive measures to restrict them by the European Commission. Mr. Kahl emphasized the importance of the user-friendliness of this regulation. The Jobachem foam extinguishing system, whose foam contains PFAS, was cited as an example. This system now has to be shut down after only a few years without use and the foam has to be disposed of at great expense, which makes no sense both ecologically and economically.

It was an extremely productive discussion and we would like to thank Mr. Lange for his open ear and his commitment to the concerns of medium-sized companies like Jobachem.