Jobachem Trading Qingdao Co., Ltd.

We are proud to announce our next subsidiary Jobachem Trading Qingdao Co., Ltd. which was established end of 2021. This is our second wholly owned office in China.

The company is in Qingdao, a beautiful and historical coastal city. Kang Youwei, a prominent political thinker of the late Qing dynasty, spent the last years of his life in Qingdao from 1923 to 1927, and he commented that, “with amiable weather, the city is surrounded by luscious mountains and trees with sceneries like the blue sea and blue sky, and can be reached either by land or water transportation.”

For years, Jobachem has provided various professional product solutions and technical services for clients in the chemical industry by virtue of its good organizational structure and robust business expansion capabilities.
As Jobachem’s first branch in northern China, Jobachem Trading Qingdao Co., Ltd. assumes responsibility for important functions such as market prediction and information connection.

The business scope of the company.


diethyl carbonate, DEC, CAS # 105-58-8
dimethyl carbonate, DMC, CAS # 616-38-6
propylene glycol, PG, CAS # 57-55-6

PVC Processing Aid

ABS Powder, CAS # 9003-56-9
ASA Powder, CAS # 9003-56-9
MBS Granulate, CAS # 25053-09-2

In addition: fine chemicals, basic chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, food additives, lignocellulose, and professional customization services relevant to other chemicals.

Upholding the principle to make chemistry green and environmentally friendly, Jobachem Trading Qingdao Co., Ltd. will do its best to contribute to the mother nature shared by all mankind while providing clients with the most suitable products and best technical support.

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