Increased storage capacity for hazardous liquids at Jobachem GmbH

After about two years of construction, a new impermeable concrete surface area of approx. 1,800 m² for the storage of liquids could be successfully put into operation by Jobachem GmbH in July 2021. In addition, a covered area for filling, refilling and mixing hazardous chemicals has been created. Jobachem GmbH sees itself as an extended workbench for the chemical industry. Besides the distribution of commercial products such as plasticizers, flavors and fragrances, specialty chemicals, raw materials for UV/EB curable paints, lacquers and coatings, we offer the full range of services associated with the products. This includes import and customs clearance, logistics solutions, storage, (re-)packaging and formulation of chemical raw materials.

The investment of about € 2,000,000 is also an investment in the future of the location in Dassel, which has been continuously expanded since the company was founded. The company is thus helping to secure jobs in the rather structurally weak region of southern Lower Saxony and has created an additional four new jobs.
By expanding the storage area to a total of around 8,500 m², Jobachem GmbH is responding to the increasing demand for storage space for hazardous materials and is also increasing its capacities in order to be able to respond to customer-specific requirements.

The safety standard in the company is very high. Of course, this also applies to the new storage area. Modern technology for fire monitoring has been installed here, which will automatically report a possible fire to a permanently manned location and alert the rescue forces. Various measures have also been taken to protect the environment in the event of leakage or extinguishing work. On the one hand, a special concrete mixture was used, which is impermeable to the hazardous substances stored. On the other hand, any leaking liquids are retained in an underground retention tank and cannot enter the groundwater or adjacent rivers. The surface water is also filtered before discharge, so that tire abrasion from the service vehicles cannot enter the environment.

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